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Future of 'Shilling Shockers' and Penny Dreadful

...Some Information...

These Danielle and Magoo doppelgangers are not us! While we feel very sad for them, I can assure you most emphatically that Garou LIVES! He is still with us! Yes, it's true that he's become a bit shy. You see, some "keyboard warrior" recently criticized his line delivery and he became very embarrassed about being seen in public. In fact, Garou went into hiding (under the bed!) But do not fear, Dreary One! In the shadows of the attic, you'll hear him growl. Offscreen in the cobwebs, you will hear him howl. Garou is a werewolf, and only a silver bullet can dispatch him! Indeed, I swear to you that Garou is right here beside me. In fact, I'll let him type something for you now...

Grrrooo! Aroooo!! kLAH;oihaGlkha;oijJI*HYB APH PO"{AM!''''''''AKHL;h;o9u[2j[

Sorry, he tried to eat the keyboard (again). In fact, it looks like he ate the letter " ." Bad Garou! I ust bought this keyboard! Now it's a piece of unk! *sigh*

Since Garou has become too shy to make any more appearances in public or on TV, I have made the following decisions.

Despite his recent shyness, Garou wants us to finish Season 9. He asked us to tape all of his scenes first, so we did. You'll get to see his lupine antics in several episodes next season.

Season 9 will happen. We are almost halfway through taping the shows. The new season will definitely be released later than we originally intended, but it will come out sometime in 2015. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Season 9 will be the final season of 'Shilling Shockers.' We already taped the last episode, which I really feel is the perfect ending for the series. I hope you'll en oy it. I understand there's a new "Penny Dreadful" in town anyhow (Showtime). Haven't seen it yet.

Maybe I'll host another show someday. I don't want to say, "I'll never be Penny Dreadful on TV ever again," because I don't know how I'll feel in 5 years. Maybe I'll want to reboot and do "Penny Dreadful's Cobweb Theater" or something. Who knows. One thing is certain though - 'Shilling Shockers' is over after season 9. I don't want to do it without Garou.

For the foreseeable future, I will not be making appearances as Penny Dreadful. I never say never. I might do appearances for charities or maybe I'll host a Halloween event for a friend or two. We'll see. For now, I definitely can't imagine doing any appearances - especially convention appearances. Garou was such a large part of those, and added so much to the proceedings. He's my partner, and we played off of each other anytime people dared to approach our table. Kids love Garou and we love interacting with them. Since Garou has discovered this newfound en oyment of social anxiety, I would have to be at the table without my "snarling darling." It wouldn't feel right without him. It'd feel sad.

With that in mind, I've canceled our appearances at Terror-Con and Monster Bash. I encourage all fans to attend and en oy these wonderful shows. I hope to go back to attending as a fan someday. Again, I never say never and maybe one day I will magically re-appear at a horror convention, but as I peer into my scrying mirror, I ust don't see it happening anytime soon.

Garou wants to say one more thing:

"I ruv rooooooooOOoooo!"

I ruv you too Garou.

See you in SEASON 9. We hope you'll en oy it!

Penny (& Garou)

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