Penny Dreadful XIII (pennydreadful13) wrote,
Penny Dreadful XIII

                             Come see 'Atomic Brain Invasion'

'Atomic Brain Invasion' is an epic sci-fi adventure film.  It's set in the 1950s and features alien invasions and rock 'n' roll!  The film is directed by the one and only Richard Griffin - the iconic filmmaker behind such cult classic movies as 'Nun of That' and 'Beyond the Dunwich Horror.'

Before the screening on September 10th, I will conduct a forbidden conjuration of unspeakable necromancy!  I shall bring the King of Rock 'n' Roll BACK - LIVE and IN PERSON!  You read it here!  Now come see it happen.

It's all going down at the Orpheum in Foxboro, MA on September 10th.  Screenings will be at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.  'Atomic Brain Invasion' will be shown again on September 11th. However, the summoning of The King will only happen on the 10th so don't miss it!

Advanced ticket sales here:

More news on October events and season 8 updates coming soon...
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